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About us


Our passion for research and development drives us to continually explore new possibilities and applications in the genomic field. We are proud to offer technology solutions that break down barriers and facilitate access to accurate genomic information to improve clinical decision making and patient care.

At Duponte, we value collaboration and synergy between health professionals in Latin America and Spain. We work closely with physicians, biologists, and pharmacists to understand their challenges and needs, so we can develop solutions that fit their work environments and improve their efficiency.

We are excited about the future of personalized medicine and our role in it. Our goal is to continue to lead the way in the research and development of innovative genomic technologies that provide accurate and reliable results, enabling healthcare professionals to provide more precise and personalized care to their patients.


Join us at Duponte Research and Development and discover how our AI-powered technology can transform your clinical practice and deliver more accurate results based on the genome of your patients. Together, we can advance the field of genetics and improve people's quality of life.

Our history

We are Duponte, a company based in Seville, Spain, which has managed to unite Latin America with Spain in the field of research and development. Since our inception in 2019, we have worked tirelessly to create innovative technological solutions that allow professionals to automate complex data reading processes, translate them, and provide more accurate support to their patients, based on their genome.

At Duponte, we believe in the power of technology to drive significant advances in the field of genetics and medicine. Our focus is on developing tools that use artificial intelligence to simplify and speed up the interpretation of genomic data. We are committed to providing healthcare professionals with the necessary tools to obtain valuable and personalized information quickly and reliably.


Our team

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