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Intro to the Automation of Bioinformatics

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

What is Bioinformatics?

Bioinformatics is the study of acquiring, analyzing, storing, and distributing biological data. The main goal is to identify the functions of proteins and genes, then establish evolutionary relationships and predict conformation through software programs. Bioinformatics also uses artificial intelligence for pattern recognition and data visualization. Bioinformatics makes it easier for genetic treatments to progress and for more efficient drugs to be developed.


In a broad sense, pharmacogenomics studies how a person’s genes affect their response to drugs. It benefits both the consumer and the pharmacogenetic world by giving patients more accurate treatments and further developing new treatments. Pharmacogenomics leads to the creation of more powerful drugs, safer drugs, more accurate methods of dosing drugs, disease detection, and a decrease in the overall cost of healthcare.

Pharmacogenetics or Pharmacogenomics? The difference is small but important. Pharmacogenetics is the study of genetic causes in drug response. Pharmacogenomics includes the impact of multiple mutations in the genome that determine a patient’s response to drug therapy.

Automation of Bioinformatics

Automation is being introduced to Bioinformatics to improve business and research efficiency. With the integration of various systems, industrial screening systems and bioinformatics can work together to facilitate biomarker and target identification. Automation systems are broadly applicable and improve general efficiency.

How Can Bioinformatics Help You?

By using pharmacogenomics, you can find a medication that is tailored to your genes without the guesswork normally involved in medication matching. Instead of trying multiple medications with unpredictable side effects, your genetic profile can help doctors and healthcare professionals predict accurate drug response, eliminating a laborious trial and error process. This process is the most direct path for relief and healing since people react to the same drugs in very different ways.

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